Cooking School

Chef Sujet Saenkham

Spice I am's Sujet Saenkham believe Thai Cuisine is a combination of flavour and technique and it is critical to stick with the fundamentals of Thai cuisine, maintaining authentic flavours and traditional techniques. However he also believes in adoption and adapting delicious new ingredients as it reflects creativity and true innovation.

Cooking Schools

Spice I Am - Cooking School is designed to meet the needs of anyone from beginners to experienced cooks, perfect for those who keen to Learn how to cook authentic Thai Foods. Our classes are conducted in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere as we thinkthat enjoying cooking is all about confidence,being relaxed and understanding real Thai ingredients.

Class Size, our Cooking Classes are kept small with a group of 8 guests, so that everyone gets full attention and proper advice, whilst having fun together.

Private Cooking Class, we can organise a class to suit your specific need and schedule.

Booking: call 92820925 or email [email protected]