Cuisine is an important reflection of the different cultures of regions in Thailand. In Isaan, local ingredients have been adapted and cooked into masterpiece recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

House is proud to introduce cuisine from the traditional area of Isaan in North Eastern Thailand, so that their customers may understand deeply the connection between in Isaan way of life and their folk wisdom.

The people of Isaan commonly grow plants that yield fruit, or whose elements can be used for food, and they consume all the crops that they grow. Their backyard is the prime food source of the household, which means traditional Isaan cuisine is composed of local ingredients, readily available in the area.

An important Buddhist belief, and one the people of Isaan adhere to strongly, is that enough food should be produced for consumption and the leftovers be distributed to family, friends, neighbours and charities.

The ingredient Isaan people consider essential to have in their homes is fermented anchovy. This has evolved from their ancestors folk wisdom as a means of preserving and prolonging the life of food.

Fermented anchovy is mostly used as a seasoning in traditional Isaan cuisine, such as soups and chilli sauces, in much the same way fish sauce is used to season foods from the central region of Thailand.

Salty flavours from fermented fish sauce, spicy flavours from fresh chilli and sour flavours from local vegetables such as tamarind and olive, are the distinguishing flavours of Isaan. Most traditional foos are dry, or have very little soup or gravy, and coconut milk is not commonly used.

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